intercooler-js VS htmx

Compare intercooler-js vs htmx and see what are their differences.


Making AJAX as easy as anchor tags (by bigskysoftware)


</> htmx - high power tools for HTML (by bigskysoftware)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of intercooler-js. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-05-16.
  • Stop submitting to social conformity and use your brain instead
    1 project | | 12 Jul 2021
  • Ask HN: What are some tools / libraries you built yourself?
    264 projects | | 16 May 2021
    I created intercooler.js in 2013 so I could do AJAX in HTML:

    Last year I removed the jquery dependency and cleaned it up based on a lot of lessons that I learned, renaming it to hmtx:

    Same idea: extends/complete HTML as a hypertext so you can build more advanced UI within the original hypermedia web model, and cleaner implementation.

    Part of that cleanup involved me pulling out some functionality around events and a proto-scripting language (ic-action), and I enjoy programming languages, so I created a front end scripting language to fill that need:

    It's based on HyperTalk and has a lot of domain specific features for lightweight front end scripting, kind of a jQuery or AlpineJS alternative.

  • Ask HN: I feel my career is at a dead end. Any advice on what could I do?
    2 projects | | 11 Apr 2021
    This is my experience, and your mileage may vary:

    Multiple times in my coding career I have felt stalled and/or like I was regressing.

    Early on, I worked on a programming language, gosu ( which ended up not really going anywhere. Once the work on it was done, I returned to more mundane web programming for a while. A long while after that, and unexpectedly, I turned a jQuery function I was noodling on into intercooler.js ( After a year of that I returned to mundane web programming for quite a while. Unexpectedly, a year ago, the country shut down. I was at home and decided to see if I could remove the jQuery dependency in intercooler.js, and so created htmx ( When creating htmx and removing some attribute/functionality, I realized that a small programming language would be the ideal replacement, so I created hyperscript: I had not expected to work on a programming language again, but now I am.

    So my career has been some very exciting technical projects punctuating long stretches of pretty basic web development, where the most exciting thing is me wondering if I can figure out what the deuce is wrong with my CSS. My takeaway here, at least in my career, is that patience is a virtue, and the interesting stuff tends to come up at irregular intervals and in unexpected moments and ways.

  • HTML over-the-wire is the future of Web Development
    11 projects | | 4 Apr 2021
    htmx is the successor to intercooler.js. It swaps parts of the page, not the whole page like Turbolinks. htmx allows you to access AJAX, CSS Transitions, WebSockets and Server Sent Events directly in HTML, using attributes, so you can build modern user interfaces with the simplicity and power of hypertext


Posts with mentions or reviews of htmx. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-11-26.
  • Introducing Giraffe.Htmx
    7 projects | | 26 Nov 2021
    htmx is a library that brings interactivity to HTML through the use of attributes and HTTP headers. Whereas projects like Vue, Angular, and React prescribe completely different programming paradigms than traditional web development, htmx provides partial-page-swapping and progressive enhancement within straight HTML. This brings a lot of the benefits of the SPA architecture to vanilla HTML, without requiring a completely different paradigm than the one we have used on the web for 30 years. In practice, this greatly reduces the complexity required to produce an interactive web application.
  • How do I access my django variables in javascript file?
    1 project | | 24 Nov 2021
    Your u_form and p_form could be retrieved using htmx, avoiding the use of JavaScript altogether.
  • HATEOAS: An Alternative Explaination
    4 projects | | 22 Nov 2021
    I agree entirely with you and I don't regard it as unfortunate at all that this article shows that HATEOAS is unsuitable for JSON HTTP APIs.

    It is extremely suitable, and, in fact, is simply descriptive, of an HTML-based API, however.

    A lot of my thinking around this comes from my work on htmx, a tool that turns HTML into a richer hypermedia:

    And I am actively encouraging people to try to split their thinking about JSON Data APIs (RPC) and REST-ful HTML-based systems.

    4 projects | | 22 Nov 2021
    The success of the web argues that the hypermedia approach is a good choice for a large set of systems.

    The problem today is that hypermedia development has been stuck in the late-90's/early-00's which, when contrasted with JSON/RPC-based development, is really showing its age, particularly in terms of UX. is an attempt to rectify that situation and get hypermedia-style development back in the game as a viable, modern network architecture for more than just content-oriented web sites.

    4 projects | | 22 Nov 2021
    Yes, I agree entirely. The crux of the issue is that HTML has stalled as a hypermedia for a few decades now, but I am trying to fix that with htmx:

    htmx is the result of my research :)

  • Ask HN: Simplest stack to build web apps in 2021?
    17 projects | | 22 Nov 2021
    > What are its cons?

    Is very pragmatic. That means your whole investment in the arcane ways of JS are dust. Not hipster at all.


    More seriously, Is of little issues here. You setup and it works, so is not something that lead to "generate content" like other setups.

    I found only a significant issue (to me) ( but then I do something that have never done in long time with a JS library: I poke into the source and fix it myself. Far easier than expected! (ie: The code is plain!)

    17 projects | | 22 Nov 2021
  • Flask for small projects, Django for bigger ones... but why?
    1 project | | 22 Nov 2021
    Have you seen it’s awesome!
  • Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
    2 projects | | 21 Nov 2021
    > Today we have abstractions on top of abstractions on top of JavaScript, of all things.

    from one 90's web developer to another:

    hypermedia 4eva

  • A Reality Where CSS and JavaScript Don't Exist Β· Ugly Duck
    1 project | | 15 Nov 2021
    Check out if this idea resonates with you.

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