hyperapp VS Vue.js

Compare hyperapp vs Vue.js and see what are their differences.


1kB-ish JavaScript framework for building hypertext applications. (by jorgebucaran)


🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web. (by vuejs)
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hyperapp Vue.js
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Posts with mentions or reviews of hyperapp. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-09-23.
  • How hard is it to get a Mid FE position without any commercial framework experience?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/Frontend | 23 Sep 2022
    If they're focused on performance and bundle size, it's your chance to try some minimalistic exotic stuff like hyperapp (https://github.com/jorgebucaran/hyperapp) or mithril (https://mithril.js.org/) Just for fun
  • AlpineJS
    2 projects | dev.to | 10 Sep 2022
    With a bit of a deadline (due to a mixture of procrastination and confidence that Vue would work) I needed something quick. I have also used Hyperapp in the past but that looks like a dead project right now (although arguably it has all the functionality you need so why keep developing it?).
  • What I learned working with a senior engineer as a new grad
    3 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 19 Aug 2022
    I’m glad it left that impression! My thoughts have clarified a bit since I read that post, and I think what I describe is more declarative, like React. But the best places to read about it (for web devs) are in Elm!

    There is also this new thing I found that seems to really lean into the core of what being functional means here: https://github.com/jorgebucaran/hyperapp

    After a while, you see that basically all systems can be modeled as event-driven, functional systems. It’s a flexible model, and fits beautiful into web dev where the semantics are very clear: the system is the web app and events are clicks, keyboard events, asynchronous calls...

  • Best JS library/bundler combo for ABSOLUTE MINIMUM production build size possible
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/Frontend | 26 Jun 2022
    Hyperapp is 1kb.
  • What's your favorite frontend framework?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/webdev | 12 May 2022
    - Hyperapp (https://github.com/jorgebucaran/hyperapp) - Preact - Svelte - React / Vue
  • Popular 'coa' NPM library hijacked to steal user passwords
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/javascript | 5 Nov 2021
    Personally, I try my best to avoid bringing in dependencies as much as possible, and try to limit my exposure to only dependencies with low/shallow transitive dependency counts. Unfortunately, this is pretty hard, especially in corporate settings. What we need more of are the opposite of what we've been collectively praising: we need more monolithic packages. Case in point: lodash.template is currently vulnerable with no mitigation, even though lodash itself is not. That's just sloppy publishing practices. Esbuild is a great start over the webpack/babel maze of dependencies. There's a stdlib effort along those lines that hopefully would also help. There's a bunch of micro-frameworks that are used in production just fine and have little to no dependencies.
  • Angular Is Rotten to the Core
    9 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 4 Nov 2021
    Even better than JSX is straight up hyperscript or something like @hyperapp/html[1]. JSX feels like a cumbersome attachment in comparison.

    [1] https://github.com/jorgebucaran/hyperapp/tree/main/packages/...

    9 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 4 Nov 2021
    > JSX is valid JS. It is converted down to the same thing as what you describe, function calls to React.createElement().

    This is disingenuous. Browsers do not understand JSX, nor do most JavaScript engines. TypeScript also gets transpiled to JavaScript -- it is not valid JavaScript in and of itself, you require a build step. We can argue semantics, but I think it's pretty clear what I meant.

    > You could even alias all the elements to function names

    You've just recreated what I mentioned two comments above in this same comments thread. :) See: https://github.com/jorgebucaran/hyperapp/tree/main/packages/...

    This is what I'm arguing for over something like JSX.

  • Leveraging JS Proxies for the DOM
    2 projects | dev.to | 9 Sep 2021
    Using a proxy to create elements! While this clearly applies to Hyperapp (a "tiny framework for building hypertext applications"), there's no reason why this couldn't apply to vanilla JS.
  • Migrating a React codebase to web components
    4 projects | dev.to | 2 Aug 2021
    The extension was originally written using vanilla JavaScript in 2015. As the codebase grew in complexity, it became difficult to maintain the UI. I wanted a tiny framework to help me organise the interface into components. I chose hyperapp for its small bundle size and seemingly easy API. It wasn’t that straightforward to learn after all and the documentation was lacking at the time.


Posts with mentions or reviews of Vue.js. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-08-27.
  • Best Frameworks For Web Development
    13 projects | dev.to | 27 Aug 2022
  • What's a framework? All about software frameworks
    8 projects | dev.to | 16 Aug 2022
    Vue: An open-sourceJavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.
  • Frontend framework for beginners?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/SpringBoot | 16 Aug 2022
  • Svelte - The Fan Favorite Framework
    2 projects | dev.to | 13 Aug 2022
    During the early 2010s, creating large and maintainable web applications was quite a challenge, mostly due to the sheer horrors of front-end development that developers had to face. This however was made easier by Frameworks such as React and Vue, which brought component-oriented frameworks into existence, making them an instant hit among developers. However, one developer had a better and bigger idea in mind.
  • How to Build A Shopify Embed App with VueJs, Tailwind CSS, NodeJs and Laravel
    11 projects | dev.to | 11 Aug 2022
    PS: This post assumes prior knowledge of VueJs, your chosen backend language NodeJs or Laravel PHP, Tailwind CSS(although it can be uninstalled via npm to accommodate your desired CSS syntax), and ability to work with Shopify’s documentation based on what your app intends to do.
  • Let's Talk About Framework-Specific UI Component Libraries
    13 projects | dev.to | 11 Aug 2022
    These days, UI frameworks tend to make heavy use of modern Javascript and utilize components and reactive patterns to handle real-time interaction. Angular, React, and Vue are now well established as the standard for what we know as modern frontend development. Alongside these, we’ve seen the rise of framework-specific UI libraries that aim to provide a “batteries included” approach to UI, with deep integration of each framework’s unique set of features. This includes Angular Material, Mantine (for React), and Vuetify.
  • There is framework for everything.
    107 projects | reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor | 4 Aug 2022
  • What does next.js do ;
    8 projects | reddit.com/r/nextjs | 4 Aug 2022
    2.) React is also a library, in some regards you could say its the equivalent of express, just that instead of being made for server side applications, it is made for frontend / client side applications. Its similar to vue, svelte and most closely, angular - under the hood react uses a diffing algorithm to only change the necessary html elements (dom elements) - it can also render html on the server with its react-dom-server apis - react is by no means a framework however as it doesn't give you any pre-defined patterns of working. You can code in any way you like and organize a react project however you like.
  • As a someone teaching themselves JavaScript, this is what it feels like
    4 projects | reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor | 1 Aug 2022
    In contrast almost every other framework has some kind of control flow for iteration. It boggles my mind why hasn't one been introduced already into React.
  • What is Developer Education?
    2 projects | dev.to | 1 Aug 2022
    Vue.js -> https://vuejs.org/

What are some alternatives?

When comparing hyperapp and Vue.js you can also consider the following projects:

vite - Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!

Stimulus - A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have [Moved to: https://github.com/hotwired/stimulus]

React - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

lit - Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

awesome-blazor - Resources for Blazor, a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

Alpine.js - A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup.

Preact - ⚛️ Fast 3kB React alternative with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM.

Aurelia 1 - The Aurelia 1 framework entry point, bringing together all the required sub-modules of Aurelia.

Drawflow - Simple flow library 🖥️🖱️

knockout - Knockout makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript

Gatsby - Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

primevue - Next Generation Vue UI Component Library