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Cloudflare’s developer docs. (by cloudflare)


🤠 wrangle your Cloudflare Workers (by cloudflare)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of cloudflare-docs. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-09-24.


Posts with mentions or reviews of wrangler. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-05-19.
  • The Rust Borrow Checker – A Deep Dive
    8 projects | | 19 May 2022
    > If you're going to do that, would you not be better saving all that time and code bloat (it's code you wrote that doesn't contribute to solving your problem) by just using a garbage collector from the outset?

    I suspect a garbage collector would be pretty nice. However, I can't just list the features I want and get a language (unless I make it myself, which would take a lot of time). Currently, my imaginary perfect language would actually have a garbage collector, would be pretty similar to Standard ML, but would be more focused on arrays than lists, and would have value types --- in Standard ML I can't have a value array of records (structs in Rust/C++ parlance) --- they will be behind a pointer. And if I were to stick to the standard or make sure that my code compiles with other compilers than MLTon, then I can't even have a value array of 64-bit words, although I can have a value array of 63-bit words. This one bit may seem insignificant, but for certain algorithms it's a big complication. Powers of 2 simplify a lot of algorithms (and are "faster" to be a bit loose with the language). There are other features I'd like, but already this short list makes for a currently-non-existent language. OCaml and Haskell have similar problems to Standard ML.

    At the same time Rust has great support for arrays, is expression-oriented, has sum types. Value types are the default. It generally ticks a lot of boxes I care about. I can't just go and say "now give me all that but with a GC" and have it appear before me.

    Also, arenas I use are linked to logical portions of my programs. They are not contrivances that I had to think long and hard about. They don't waste my time really. I've spent 0 time thinking about how they should be organized.

    Now the part where a GC would be helpful is a bit of a more liberal use of closures, and eliminating code noise coming from lifetime annotations such as "for". But I can live with the current state of affairs, if I get all the other benefits.

    > If you're going to do that, would you not be better saving all that time and code bloat (it's code you wrote that doesn't contribute to solving your problem) by just using a garbage collector from the outset?

    If anything, Rust is an asset for large teams of devs. Even though you may sometimes argue that a handful of C/C++ devs can keep their whole project in their heads and not make mistakes (although I think that's a stretch), the moment you get a large C/C++ team, weird hard-to-debug bugs coming from memory- and thread-safety issues start to creep in. There are other high-level languages, but Rust is the one with a combination of performance competitive with C++ and large ecosystem of libraries you can use. Examples of Rust projects with a large number of contributors facilitated by the language taking the fear of intractable bugs away:

    - <>

    - <>

    - <>

    - <>

    - <>

  • Web Workers are the Future! 🏗
    5 projects | | 9 May 2022
    Ahoy! Just returned from a deep dive into exploring Cloudflare Workers and it was a great experience! I've been itching to give web workers another go as I've been following Deno and others from the sidelines for some time now.
    5 projects | | 9 May 2022
    The project also fully supports TypeScript. Nano JSX is an ultra-fast JSX library that works great with SSR (and written in TS). And wrangler makes deployment dead-simple, and integrates with the wrangler-action to automatically deploy upon any changes.
  • Where to deploy your node.js app [April 2022]
    4 projects | | 30 Apr 2022
    Cloudflare Workers
  • Retheme (Chrome extension): A different sort of Ad-Blocker...
    1 project | | 24 Apr 2022
    The API that powers the whole thing is served from Cloudflare Workers, with a Durable Object + KV data flow. It uses itty-router (of course) for the API routing, and an upcoming library itty-durable to drastically reduce the boilerplate of Durable Object use (note, please wait for the upcoming release, but you can still try it out today).
  • Netlify Edge Functions: A new serverless runtime powered by Deno
    6 projects | | 19 Apr 2022
  • Popular "Video Ad-Block, for Twitch" Extension with 600k users, has removed the source code from GitHub and completely privatized it. The latest update requires new permissions to "read and change your data on all sites" adding ""aradb-21" as a referral tag to product URLs.
    41 projects | | 30 Mar 2022
    When you click onto amazon they build a webservice that redirects you to a site that has amazon in the name but isnt actually hosted by amazon but by a cloudflare service that lets you write code snippets then redirects back to amazon, so they are tracking your requests and redirecting to a page with unknown code on it.
  • How to use custom domains? Shopify Hydrogen + Cloudflare Workers
    2 projects | | 10 Mar 2022
    Shopify Hydrogen custom domain setup is the last, you're ready to host it on Cloudflare Workers. In this post, we will cover a few questions about Cloudflare Workers when setting up your custom domain.
  • (Serverless or Docker) Which host to choose?
    1 project | | 10 Mar 2022
  • How Edge Computing can make the Web better
    3 projects | | 6 Mar 2022
    Okay, then, how does edge computing help Web development? In my opinion, it can make it better, faster, and cheaper with solutions that help and support the Javascript development community. Solutions such as Cloudflare Workers (or Cloudflare Page Functions) are very confortable for Web developers as they offer the same native Javascript APIs that developers are used to work with in the browser. It's a very natural ecosystem for them.

What are some alternatives?

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