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Compare cli vs vscode-dev-containers and see what are their differences.


NOTE: Most of the contents of this repository have been migrated to the new devcontainers GitHub org ( See and for information on creating your own! (by microsoft)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of cli. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-07-07.
  • Zed Editor automatically downloads binaries and NPM packages without consent
    11 projects | | 7 Jul 2024
    Ah, I think you might be pleasantly surprised that this is an area being focused on right now with attestations[1] for example, here are the attestations for the GitHub CLI[2].



  • How to Initialize a Git Repository and Create a GitHub Repository Using the GitHub CLI
    1 project | | 2 Jul 2024
    Install the GitHub CLI from GitHub CLI website.
  • Tools that keep me productive
    14 projects | | 5 May 2024
    GitHub CLI - GitHub on the command line. Great for creating PRs, etc.
  • The power of the CLI with Golang and Cobra CLI
    9 projects | | 6 Apr 2024
    This package is widely used for powerful CLI builds, it is used for example for Kubernetes CLI and GitHub CLI, in addition to offering some cool features such as automatic completion of shell, automatic recognition of flags (the tags) , and you can use -h or -help for example, among other facilities.
  • pyaction 4.28.0 Released
    3 projects | | 16 Feb 2024
    This Docker image is designed to support implementing Github Actions with Python. As of version 4.0.0., it starts with the official python docker image as the base which is a Debian OS. It specifically uses python:3-slim to keep the image size down for faster loading of Github Actions that use pyaction. On top of the base, we've installed curl gpg, git, and the GitHub CLI. We added curl and gpg because they are needed to install the GitHub CLI, and they may come in handy anyway (especially curl) when implementing a GitHub Action.
  • The Ladybird Browser Project
    8 projects | | 6 Feb 2024
    You might be interested in GitHub's cli tool, which is open source, if you want to access GitHub without running their proprietary JS code.

  • Ok Boomer! Instant GitHub Repo Creation in One Command 🚀
    1 project | | 1 Feb 2024
    👉 Note: This script uses the GitHub CLI. So make sure you've installed that if you haven't already. Instructions here.
  • Essential Command Line Tools for Developers
    29 projects | | 15 Jan 2024
    View on GitHub
  • NixOS has one fatal flaw
    3 projects | | 15 Dec 2023
    (Context: I'm pretty thick into Nix, and have been for about four years. Most of this post is focussed on the NixOS desktop experience, so DevOps nerds, ymmv.)

    Unpopular opinion: Nix is not that hard.

    What's "hard" from a nix-promotion strategy is motivating people to understand why they would want the benefits it offers. Mostly because Nix, especially with home-manager, dramatically worsens UX for several day-to-day tasks, simply by violating the Law of Least Surprise every couple of hours in normal use.

    I want a fully idempotent, version-locked, rewindable user environment, with a version-controlled central config, because I have half a dozen devices that, for reasons, I need to keep perfectly interchangeable with one another. Most users do not want this, for the simple fact that mutating their configs and differentiating them locally on specific machines is not a bug, but a feature.

    Even more than that, it's an expectation that most software developers share as well.

    Case in point: I filed a bug against the GitHub CLI last week. If any org has the scope and motivation to build software that's compatible with NixOS, an OS most of whose users are developers, it should be GitHub, which is, at least notionally, all about developers, developers, developers. A change in GH required a config format migration, which was sensibly done by opening the config .yml and rewriting it.

    Of course, this breaks NixOS not just in practice but in principle. NixOS/home-manager makes config files read-only. Surprise!

    The response from GitHub was basically, "yeah, we knew this was going to happen, we mentioned it to the packagers at NixOS, but we did it anyway, because it was still the best way to proceed for us." (And they weren't wrong.)

    Now, once a month is an annoyance, but I run into these problems daily. I can't imagine any sane person -- which I am not -- would persist with using it.

    Why do I keep using NixOS, then? Because I am terribly and disproprotionately annoyed by small changes in my user experience, which I find disruptive to my workflow and hence threaten my success. For me, forbidding apps from mutating the config files I established for them is a selling point. Being able to version-control an idempotent declarative config for all of them at once is heaven.

    Unless you're like me, you'll hate NixOS. But some were meant for Nix.


  • How do you handle secret rotation in kubernetes (i. e. with github access tokens)
    1 project | /r/kubernetes | 9 Dec 2023
    To use a proper dynamic auth for you can create a "credential helper" and then it is supported by flux, see here: Unfortunately the "official" credential helper for doesn't exist. I use this simple script as a helper: Which requires gh cli to be installed.


Posts with mentions or reviews of vscode-dev-containers. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-02-24.
  • How to use Ansible on Linux with tools like visual Studio code
    2 projects | /r/ansible | 24 Feb 2023
  • Setup GitHub Codespaces with AWS IAM Roles Anywhere
    4 projects | | 22 Sep 2022
    // For format details, see For config options, see the README at: // { "name": "Ubuntu", "build": { "dockerfile": "Dockerfile", "args": { "VARIANT": "ubuntu-22.04" } }, "postStartCommand": ".devcontainer/", "remoteUser": "vscode", "features": { "git": "os-provided", "aws-cli": "latest", "golang": "latest", "sshd": "latest" } }
  • Jupyter Notebooks + VSCode Dev Container with Puppeteer support
    5 projects | | 30 Aug 2022
    # See here for image contents: # [Choice] Python version (use -bullseye variants on local arm64/Apple Silicon): 3, 3.10, 3.9, 3.8, 3.7, 3.6, 3-bullseye, 3.10-bullseye, 3.9-bullseye, 3.8-bullseye, 3.7-bullseye, 3.6-bullseye, 3-buster, 3.10-buster, 3.9-buster, 3.8-buster, 3.7-buster, 3.6-buster ARG VARIANT="3.10-bullseye" FROM${VARIANT} # [Choice] Node.js version: none, lts/*, 16, 14, 12, 10 ARG NODE_VERSION="none" RUN if [ "${NODE_VERSION}" != "none" ]; then su vscode -c "umask 0002 && . /usr/local/share/nvm/ && nvm install ${NODE_VERSION} 2>&1"; fi # Install Google Chrome Stable and fonts # Note: this installs the necessary libs to make the browser work with Puppeteer. ENV PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD true RUN apt-get update && apt-get install gnupg wget -y && \ wget --quiet --output-document=- | gpg --dearmor > /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/google-archive.gpg && \ sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list' && \ apt-get update && \ apt-get install google-chrome-stable -y --no-install-recommends && \ rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* # [Optional] If your pip requirements rarely change, uncomment this section to add them to the image. COPY requirements.txt /tmp/pip-tmp/ RUN pip3 --disable-pip-version-check --no-cache-dir install -r /tmp/pip-tmp/requirements.txt \ && rm -rf /tmp/pip-tmp
  • VS Code Dev Containers: A repository of development container definitions
    1 project | | 28 Aug 2022
  • rust-analyzer changelog #143
    2 projects | /r/rust | 22 Aug 2022
    Looks like they do?
  • Exploring .NET WebAssembly with WASI and Wasmtime
    8 projects | | 9 Aug 2022
    In the vscode-dev-containers repo, you'll see that there too is a .devcontainer directory. This contains instructions for building the dotnet vscode-dev-container. Click into the directory.
  • Recommended devcontainers for both Python and R workflows?
    1 project | /r/docker | 9 Aug 2022
    I'm trying to set up a dev environment which utilises the standard Python 3 devcontainer for Python files (which is great IMO), but also utilises the R devcontainer for R files. Or at the very least sets up the basic R for VSCode environment espoused on the VSCode tutorials.
  • Introduction to GitHub Codespaces - Building your first Dev Container
    2 projects | | 6 Aug 2022
    Select a predefined container definition. In my case I will select 'Ubuntu'. NOTE: There is a growing variety of predefined images that can be selected from, maintained on GitHubs vscode-dev-containers repository:
  • Extending VSCode Dev Container Features
    4 projects | | 27 Jul 2022
    As documented here, a Dev Container's built-in features are sources from the script-library folder in the vscode-dev-containers repo. The Remote - Containers extension and GitHub Codespaces include "preview" functionality to extend Dev Container features. You can add any custom feature by using the dev-container-features-template sample repository.
  • what is a development container?
    1 project | /r/learnprogramming | 5 Jul 2022
    In your case in the development container you can specify a specific version of .NET SDK and Azure Functions SDK. There is a premade devcontainer for VSCode with Azure Functions and C#:

What are some alternatives?

When comparing cli and vscode-dev-containers you can also consider the following projects:

cobra - A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions

distrobox - Use any linux distribution inside your terminal. Enable both backward and forward compatibility with software and freedom to use whatever distribution you’re more comfortable with. Mirror available at:

gh.vim - Vim/Neovim plugin for GitHub

openvscode-server - Run upstream VS Code on a remote machine with access through a modern web browser from any device, anywhere.

glab - The GitLab CLI tool. Archived: now officially adopted by GitLab as the official CLI tool and maintained at See

Code-Server - VS Code in the browser

octo.nvim - Edit and review GitHub issues and pull requests from the comfort of your favorite editor

dotfiles - ⊙ All the dotfiles needed to make the world a better place

dnSpy - .NET debugger and assembly editor [Moved to:]

Vagrant - Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing development environments.

cockroach - CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database.

SDKMan - The SDKMAN! Command Line Interface

InfluxDB - Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale
Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.
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