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Collection of patches for dwm, st and dmenu (by bakkeby)


By FOSSilized_Daemon
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Posts with mentions or reviews of patches. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-10-19.
  • How Do You Setup Workspaces Properly?
    2 projects | | 19 Oct 2022
    I am trying to setup my workspaces for stumpwm, but am running into a wall due to not being able to find much documentation, is there is even support, for a few things I want to do. For some background, I am coming from dwm which I have used for a few years and even forked a few times. In dwm I had a rather simple, but extremely useful, setup where I would store specific types of programs on specific tags. I was able to figure out getting this done in stumpwm and it working just fine. The main issue with this portion of my workspace setup is that the Default workspace still exists. I have tried to figure out how to delete it, but cannot. I know how to rename it, so I could just do that and use it for my terminals, but the issue arises where I have no idea how to change it from the default stacking layout to the dynamic one. Any advice? Additionally, is there a way to get something like dwm's fakefullscreen?
  • dwm-flexipatch: statuscmd integration in dwmblocks
    2 projects | | 30 Sep 2022
    I would like to add the statuscmd (for dwmblocks) feature to my dwm build. I tried this patch (from the suckless website) and this one, from u/bakkeby's Github, which seems more pertinent to my case since I use dwmblocks. I also patched my dwmblocks build with this patch, from the suckless website.
  • automatic drag(c,m)fact in resizemouse
    2 projects | | 8 Sep 2022
    dragcfact is a patch that depends on another patch, cfacts, that assigns a 'weight' to each client in the view area and allows you to resize them by increasing or decreasing the weight of a given client. Yes, in the case of the tile layout that does allow for 'vertical' resizing.
    2 projects | | 8 Sep 2022
  • [dwm] Vanitygasp per tag?
    5 projects | | 14 Mar 2022
    Another way you could achieve this is via floatpos. One way I use this is to toggle tiled windows to become floating and take up 80% of the screen, which gives a kind of semi-fullscreen mode which is kind of nice.
  • bspwm Swallow
    2 projects | | 27 Jan 2022
    I don't know what they are refering to, but the swallowing that has become popularized is not what that screenshot shows. The functionality is taken from Plan9's window manager, rio. When you launch, say, firefox from a terminal on non-swallowing window managers the terminal just sits there and the window is spawned on it's own. With swallowing, the terminal swallows the window in that the newly spawn windows takes up the window that is the terminal until it exists at which point the terminal window is restored. I can not an example of this in video, but there are patches to implement this into dwm such as rio draw/swallow
  • Any alternatives to Wallpaper engine on Linux?
    2 projects | | 30 Nov 2021
  • dwm desktop window implementation
    2 projects | | 30 Sep 2021
    dwm-desktop_icons-6.2.diff - hardcoded to not manage windows that have the window type of _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DESKTOP, for programs that provide desktop icons as an example, and
  • remap f11 to alt+f using setxkbmap or anything else
    4 projects | | 10 Sep 2021
    I'm not really knowledgeable with dwm but googling around I found this thread where someone linked this GitHub repo, which aims to combine different fullscreen patches so they can work together.
  • multiple status segments with barmodules patch
    3 projects | | 27 Aug 2021
    I've applied the barmodules patch with the hope of controlling multiple status segments via IPC.


Posts with mentions or reviews of dwm. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-02-03.
  • [dwm] Creating Signal Functions for dwmc
    2 projects | | 3 Feb 2022
    I have been working on creating more signal functions for dwmc, as well as rewriting it, to make using it easier for more people. You can find my implementations here. While I have gotten a lot done I do have one quick question. I need to create three more functions. The first two are for the function calls in the accessnthmonitor patch. Due to how it is called I honestly have no idea how to implement the functions for dwmc. Does anyone by chance know?
    2 projects | | 3 Feb 2022
    The diff worked! Thank you so much! Sadly, I can not seem to get the cyclelayout function working on my build, though I can confirm it did work with the built-in key-binding system so I know it is signal related. I think I rewrote dwmc wrong perhaps? I am having this issue with a few functions and perhaps it is due to how I call them?
  • Newbie Question: Which Linux distro and WM emacs users prefer?
    4 projects | | 25 Mar 2021
    I know a lot of people like StumpWM and EXWM, but I use my own personal fork of dwm with emacs -nw. I am not really the typical emacs user, as I am more or less using emacs as I like common-lisp and I am trying to use emacs to make a vi, emacs, acme, and sam-like editing environment that slips into my broader system (which I am literally rewriting in common-lisp).
  • Help Fixing Three Functions
    7 projects | | 9 Mar 2021
    7 projects | | 9 Mar 2021
    I got rioresize() working. I am trying to add strings to fake-signal() right now, but just can't seem to get it working. If you are more familiar with C could you take a quick look at what I tried.
    7 projects | | 9 Mar 2021
    I have been hacking on that function and fixed a warning by switching %s to %p. Adding your change sadly does not 'cause riospawn to run the passed argument. This is the diff, but it might also be from a malformed line in dwmc.
    7 projects | | 9 Mar 2021
    Ohhhh arg->v. Okay, so now it spawns, but it never runs the command I gave it to run in sxhkdrc. Did it add it properly?
    7 projects | | 9 Mar 2021
    The last one I am sure is a simple fix, but I am awful with C so I have no idea. Basically, there is this function that ships with dwmc called toggleviewex, this function works in the same way as MOD + Tab in upstream dwm. The issue is, there is one bug, if you are on tag 1 and attempt to swap back to another tag, instead of swapping to the tag all the windows from it are brought onto tag 1. The function is extremely small, but I can't seem to debug why it is bugged.

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